Monday, December 26, 2011

My Many Roses

My life consists of many facets of who I am. The three big ones are my love for God, my love for my husband and my love for my son. And the goal of trying to live each of these facets to the best of my ability.  I thrive to be the best Christian, wife and mother that I can possibly be. Each of these "roses" in my life are complete joys for me.

My goal for this blog is to journal my way through being stronger and better and each one. There is a quote from my favorite TV show, Gilmore Girls, where a character says "I don't know if its the right way, but its the only way i know" and while traveling through the roads of life, and learning and messing up as I go, this quote is remembered by me often. Only the good part of being me is, I have God to look to for guidance, and of course, my husband. They are both here to guide me as I stumble through life, trying to be as graceful as possible.

I am going to give you a little bit of history about me before we get started. I have been a Christian since I was 8 years old, but only really know Christ as my Savior in the last 3+ years. Throughout my life I have had major highs and even major lows with my walk with Christ, and especially my appearance of how a Christian should be. I have caused many people to stumble because of the person I was being, but praise God, many other people have been brought to Christ through me.

I have been a wife since July 2011 to a man that I love so deeply, Charles. We put God first in our relationship and treat each other with respect always. Our relationship moved fairly (oh what am I talking about, extremely) fast, but even in our failures and disobedience, God was right there guiding our steps without either of us acknowlodging him. I praise God that even when I was stumbling, failing and backsliding, he knew it was only for a short season and did not allow me to make any mistakes that could negatively impact the rest of my life.

I have been a mother FOREVER in my heart. I was made to be a mother, and now, being 9 1/2 months pregnant (I'm due January 8, 2012), God is finally fulfilling that destiny of mine. I am pregnant with a little boy that we are naming Ethan. And as I begin this journey of parenthood I am realizing how passionate I am about certain things (natural birth, breastfeeding, discipline, loving him) and how scared I am about other things (how good of a mother will I be, will I stumble again but this time affect my child's future?, is xxxx the right choice) and honestly how ignorant I am in it all. I am learning as I go, just like the rest of you parents out there.

I don't know how often I will write a blog, or what this blog will end up looking like, but my hope for this blog is to explore each "rose" of my life, and watch it bloom into the "garden" God wants me to be, and if in the process this helps you (my readers) then all the better. If there are things I write about that you disagree with, feel free to tell me, respectfully. I look forward to seeing how this unfolds.

And welcome readers to my MANY ROSES


Jennifer Moore said...

You are such an inspiration to many including me.Even after being a parent for 23 yrs there are always new things to learn and you make me remember to have faith in myself

Kari Hache said...

Thanks jennifer. I hope that this blog helps out many people. And its good to know that even a novice like me can help you remember something about parenting. :)