Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Ethan

I am a follower of a blog titled "Birth Without Fear"and the other day she posted a letter that she had wrote to her unborn child. I really liked the letter, and even more liked the idea of writing a letter to Ethan. So I am going to go ahead and do that.

My amazing little guy,

You are currently 16 days old, and every day you amaze me by how much I love you and how awesome you prove to be. Even so little and tiny, you tug at your daddy and my heart everyday. I fall in love with you more and more each facial expression you make, or groan you make, every sleepless night, and yes, even every diaper I change. It seems cliche but you are perfect. God gave you to us as a gift, and I promise you we do not take this gift for granted.

Mommy and daddy wanted you for a very long time. We just didn't know how God would answer that prayer. Mommy has dreamt about the day she would hold you for years. Daddy has prayed for the chance to be an amazing father (which I think you would agree he is succeeding at) for years. And one day, we decided that it was time for us to go for it and start a family. We prayed that God would agree with us, and bless us with you, and he did.

When I told your daddy that I was pregnant with you, he was ecstatic. I have only seen him happier once in my life, and that was the day I became his wife. It was an answered prayer. And throughout the entire pregnancy it felt to good to be true. This little life that was moving around inside of me was truly going to be our son. You have been daddy's little guy from the womb. Whenever I got worried because you weren't moving around as much as I thought you should have been, I would ask daddy to talk to you and then, without fail, little kicks and punches would start.
We prayed and prayed for how you would enter the world, and were prepared to meet you. And by the time 42 weeks pregnant came around, you can imagine we were anxious and ready to meet you.

Little guy, I love EVERYTHING about you. I could not be more blessed to have you. I am overwhelmed by you, in the best possible way. Your daddy and I love each other very much, and we never realized that something was missing from our relationship/marriage until 16 days ago. You have completed all those empty places we had.

I pray that mommy and daddy never take our little miracle guy for granted, I pray that we always look at you as the blessing we see you today as. Mommy and Daddy love you Ethan, so very much.

I can't promise that Daddy and I will be perfect parents, and I won't promise that decisions we make won't make you angry. But I promise you this...Daddy and I will raise you in a Godly household, and every decision we make in parenting will be after consulting with God and making sure we are following his will. If we mess up, we will do everything we can to rectify it, with you and with God. And, Ethan, when you are 16 years old, and we tell make a decision that angers you, remember one thing, we love you.

(Oh and I told Granny De, that you and I have a pact that you wont grow up big, you will stay my little guy forever, make sure you keep your end of that bargain for mommy, ok?)


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Anonymous said...

Kari that was beautiful, it made me cry. You are a beautiful Godly woman and you remind me of me. My husband and I keep the Lord at the center of our marriage and family because the closer we are to him, the closer we are to each other. I'm so happy to have become your friend even if it's just through Facebook. I need more friends that are just a strong in their faith as I am and that walk with God on a daily basis. Love Krystal Richards