Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Infant Baptism. To do or not to do?

My first free writing blog in a while, and I chose a touchy subject. But I like it. My husband was raised Catholic, therefore he was baptized as an infant. The Catholic Church baptizes infants because they believe that it is a "remission of sin, both original sin and actual sin–only original sin in the case of infants and young children, since they are incapable of actual sin"(http://www.catholic.com/tracts/infant-baptism). They believe that because the Bible never specifically talks against infant baptism and talks on several occasions that "entire families" were baptized, that this is to include infant and children. They want to assure that the infants in their families will be accepted into heaven if, heaven forbid, they were to die before they choose to baptize themselves. Because of this thinking Catholics baptize their children as infants.
I have never seen an infant baptism be
done this way, but its so cute.

I was not raised in the church, and was not baptized as an infant. My mother and father never attended church so I doubt the thought had ever crossed their mind.

When Charlie and I were pregnant and discussing baptism, I told him that I did not agree with infant baptism, and would like to wait until Ethan decides to accept Jesus as his Savior on his own to allow him to be baptized. I believe that children are without sin and that until the age of reason (which is believed by some to be around seven, but I don't believe to put an age on it. God will judge this) if they were to die that God will accept them into heaven freely.

One thing I just can not wrap my mind around is the thought that if you are baptized as an infant you are automatically making it into heaven. The bible is very clear that you still have to make the decision and give your life over to Christ. And I believe that the baptism is "an outward expression of an inward decision." So, this is why I believe that until you make the inward decision, there is no point to make the outward expression. We have a loving God and a merciful God, and I see no proof in the bible that if your baby is not baptized and dies before "the age of reason/accountability" that He will send that baby to Hell forever. It just doesn't fit to me.
a little over the top, but still funny
When I first brought this idea up to my husband, he was a little unsure. Still having the Catholic raising in the back of his head he questioned me, the process and did a lot of research. In the end, he and I decided we would "dedicate" Ethan at our Church. I believe this is as close to infant baptism as I would do. This means that we stood up in front of our church and we said to them, "we promise to be the best Christian parents we can be, we will raise him in a Christian home and we look to you (the congregation) for guidance and assistance." We did this on his 3 week birthday.

I know that their are alot of different belief's on this topic, and I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Do you believe in infant baptism, why or why not?


REnee BUsh said...

I agree with everything you have said. Infant baptism is not biblical. Baptism itself does not save you. You putting your faith in Christ and giving your life to God is what does it. Infants in no way could ever make that decision( or young children.) I think it is also misleading, because people think they are safe because they were baptized as a child. It is our jobs as Christians though to show them the truth and the way:)

Ren said...

Renee said exactly what I was gong to say :)

The Wifely Person said...

And what if a child decides not to accept Jesus as his/her savior? What happens?

That's not meant to be snarky, but I am rather curious about your process.


Kari Hache said...

I believe that it is a personal choice. If my Ethan decides not to accept Jesus as his savior, it will break my heart but I would never disown him or anything.

Being baptized as an infant will not change the end. If you choose not to accept Jesus as your savior, infant baptism (in my opinion) will not change it.

I accept questions about my faith at any time. :)