Friday, May 4, 2012

He didn't have to be

Since I have been on a kick lately of writing letters to people in my life, in the form of a blog. I have decided to write one to the man who made a decision to take me in as family, and never let go.

Dear Chuck,
I can not possibly describe to you how lucky I am that you are in my life. You have shaped me (and my sister and brother) into the adults we are. At a very young age of 12 years old, you stepped into my life. When you married our mom, there was a side ceremony saying that you promised to also love us children as your own.

During your marriage to my mom, you did exactly that. You taught us, you loved us, you discplined us, you broke our hearts by telling us you were disappointed in us. When I had no father during the critical ages of my life, you stepped in and fullfilled that role.

When you and mom divorced you had every reason to walk away from me and let me become a distant memory. However, you did not. I called you one day after you and mom split, in tears because I had no place to go. Mom and I got into a big fight, and she kicked me out of the house. I was 16 years old, no job, no car, and no place to sleep that night. I was convinced to call you, because I thought you would laugh at me. After all mom had done to you, and the way things ended there, I thought there was no way you would let me back to you. But you did.

As an adult now, I look back and see you there by my side (either literally or figurtively) at every major event in my life, supporting me or setting me straight, or just plain telling me I am making a huge mistake. But you never ever abandoned me and that is more than I could say about most of the adults in my life.

Chuck, I look to you as a father, and as the best father I could ask for. I don't know the answer to "why" alot of things happen the way they do, but I do know that if I had to lose my biologicial dad, then God choose the best stand-in possible to help raise me. I love you very much!

Your beautiful, amazing, fantastic daughter,
Kari Rose

He Didn't Have To Be
Brad Paisley
(I realize that this is a song by a boy, to his dad...but lets pretend.

I hope I'm half the mom, that you didn't have to be a dad?? LOL)

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Stephanie said...

Way to make me cry Kari Rose!!!! Lol we did get pretty luck that an amazing person decided to take the responsability on to raise us like his own!!!!! LOVE YOU CHUCK!!!!!!