Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 10 -- My favorite memory

At the risk of repeating stories, I am not going to tell the story of Ethan's Birth or our wedding/proposal. So that leaves me I am going to choose to tell you about my Baptism.

On August 28, 2011 our church performed a baptism at a nearby river. After a long consideration, Charlie and I decided to get baptized. It was a 3rd baptism for me. But I felt like it was needed.

sharing my testimony
Charlie's testimony
My first baptism happened when I was young, like 8 or 9. I had no conception of what it meant to be baptized, all I knew at the time was that my friend was getting baptized and I wanted to be with her.

My next baptism was when I was 14. I knew Christ then, and knew what it meant. However, in the next decade I would falter with my walk with Christ dramatically.

When discussing this baptism, I waivered back and forth quite a bit. I knew I did not need another baptism to be saved and accepted into heaven when I die. However, I also was starting a new life. I was newly married, I was pregnant with Ethan. I believe baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision. As Charlie and I were beginning our life over, and he was going to be baptized, I decided it would be a great way to start our marriage out.

So we approached our pastor and asked him if he would baptize us. He readily agreed. And as the day approached we were getting more and more excited about the concept.

What makes this one of my fondest memories is that as we went up to be baptized, the pastor said he would first baptize Charlie and after he had been baptized, that he would be able to then baptize me. So not only were we able to start our marriage off on the right path, following God and expressing our love for Him, but my husband, my dearest love, was able to perform the act for me. It was one of the most meaningful moments we have experienced as a couple (of course right behind the birth of our child, and our wedding). I love that my husband and I have that between us.

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Christ Rebel said...

Kari rose, you make me so happy each day. To choose one that we more meaningful than the others seems to demean all the other days instead of uplift the great ones. That being said. I line mine up with yours. I love you so much.