Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 18 -- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

For the past few months (possibly year), Charlie and I have felt like we needed to join a small group at our church and get more in depth involved with Christian people at our church, but we both have been pushing it off for one reason or another. The more we put it off, the further it got from a priority to us, and then I started to face the reality of my closest friends are leaving soon. They are still in the Army world and the Army is making them leave me in November. I started to stress because I am not in any environment to meet new people and just hanging with the same people I always hang out with, and they are leaving me.

So the idea of getting into a small group became a priority again, and I looked for one through our church and with the help of the online community with our church we chose one on Thursday nights. Well Thursday came and went, and Saturday evening it dawned on me...."Darn it, I wanted to try that small group and forgot all about it." Once I realized we missed it, I put it on our Google calendars so it wouldn't happen again.

Back to what I am proud of....Charlie and I finally made the plunge and we went to small group tonight. Satan had it out for us though, and wanted to stop us from going. First of all, we went for a drive and just wanted to get out of the house today, and ended up not back in town until 6:00PM and small group started at 6:00. Well we had to stop at the house and change Ethan and nurse him, and ended up leaving the house around 6:10PM, at that point we were both so close to nixing the whole idea, because we both hate being late. By the time we got to the church it was quarter after and I was getting frusterated because I hate being late. We walked around the building that we were told the group was in, and all the doors were locked. Finally we decided to try the main building, but by now it was 6:25PM, and I was getting grumpy and anxious.

The moment we opened the door where the group was meeting, all anxiety melted away. They were friendly, and inviting. Laughter filled the room. I was hugged hello. Ethan was loved on immediately. It was amazing. Without knowing a single person in the room, I felt like this is where God wanted me.

I am so proud of us for actually pushing through the grumpiness and getting our tushies in there. I am proud of us for opening up to the group. I am proud of us for already making sure we are going to make it a priority in the future.

As always, I would love to hear from you, have you done anything in the last few days/week that you are proud of?

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