Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 19 -- Switcharoo

If I could do a "Freaky Friday" with anyone, who would it be? I think I would want to trade places with someone who had much less than me, someone in a third world country or just really poor. Why? Thats easy. It would help me be more thankful for what I do have, and realize that "things" are just that. I have so many luxuries and yet I still find things to complain about. I have enough money to have clothes that are in good condition, good meals to eat, two working vehicles, a roof over my head, I have no needs. When I look at my life and hear myself complain, I get so embarassed.
We are jeans and t-shirt kind of people.

We stress over bills
We are wasteful
We live comfortably

God has given me so much. I have such a blessed life and yet I find myself complaining. What is wrong with me? People have so much more than me, sure, but people also have so much less than me.