Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 11 -- What I am currently reading

Since I have started "Without Wednesday" I have been able to sit down and read more. In the last month I have finished 3 books, and currently on my 4th. Not a huge accomplishment, but considering I was reading one a year or so (due to laziness) this is a refreshing change. The book I am currently reading, I am two chapters into it, so cannot tell much about it yet, therefore I will also mention a few of my past reads also.

"The Last Sin Eater"
by Francine Rivers
Like I mentioned, I am still at the beginning of the book. Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors, so I expect it to be good. I gave up reading the back of books for the most part, I don't like plot points to be ruined early, lol. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

My last two books were...
"Blessed Child" and "A Man Called Blessed"
by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright

 The cover of "Blessed Child" promised that this would be the best novel I had read in a long time. It was good, but certainly not the best, and definitely not the best Ted Dekker novel. "Blessed Child" is about a 10 year old boy named Caleb who is a Ethiopian orphan who was raised in a monastery. Up until now he had never been out of the monastery. The monastery gets attack and he is brought to America. Caleb has such a close relationship with God that he is able to do amazing things.
"A Man Called Blessed" is the sequel in which Caleb returns to Ethiopia and rebuilds the monastery. It is believed by some that he holds the key to finding the original Ark of the Covenant and he is being chased to the desert to find it.  

As I said, both books are good, definitely worth reading. However in the scheme of Ted Dekker, the circle trilogy was definitely better....by far.

What books are you reading? Any great suggestions? After "The Last Sin Eater" I have nothing planned. I am considering the Narnia series, but we will see. Once again, "Without Wednesday" is upon us, see you Thursday. 


Lindsey said...

I love Francine Rivers, and I don't remember much about this book, except that I liked it. Enjoy!

Kari Hache said...

Thanks Lindsey, I hope I like it. I have liked EVERY other Francine Rivers book I have read, so I have no doubts I will enjoy it.