Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 24 -- Things that make you scared.

My biggest phobia is being decapitated by a log truck. I swear driving behind one gives me such anxiety. I will do some stupid passing maneuvers to stay away from one. I know what you are thinking..."thats because of the movie 'Final Destination'". There is no doubt that watching that movie freaked me out, I oddly had this fear way before seeing that movie. That movie just made my fear come to life right before my eyes. There is a joke with some of my friends now though, that if God gave me any way to die, how would I want it to be. And that answer is, decapitated by a log truck. That way, all of you who think its impossible, and a joke would then know, and at my funeral you would all say, "how did she know?" LOL

 Now for something a tad bit more serious. I have lost my mom and my dad. I would say that I am terrified to lose someone closer to me. If I ever lost Charlie, Ethan, my sister, or any of the other people very close to me, I do not know how I could keep myself together. I was eight when my dad died. I needed to stay strong (due to my pregnancy) when my mom died. I thank God for the strength, but I don't want to experience anymore hurt.
What about you? Any silly phobias? I have a friend scared of cotton balls (freaks out, its weird), another one afraid of ostriches, and I would love to hear some of your silly phobias.


REnee BUsh said...

My biggest fear is something happening to me, and my children being left behind. I do have faith though, and I know they would be ok. I guess the true fear is that if they were too young, they would not know me. Now for the unimportant things, I hate cotton balls:( and I am scared to deaths of lightning and tornados.

Stephanie said...

I have a phobia of Kari driving on the Autobon in Germany when there is a log truck anywhere near.......... love you

Kari Hache said...

Renee, what is up with phobia's about cotton balls. Just plain silly.

Steffy, I"m tellin ya, GET THEM AWAY FROM ME! LOL