Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 7 -- My hobbies

My current most important and enjoyable hobby, is playing with my son. I never would have guessed that making a fool out of myself, just so my 4 month old will laugh could bring me so much joy. But it does, being his mama is the best hobby/job I have.

However, when Ethan naps, and especially on our "Without Wednesdays" I like to read, I want to get back into make my hemp jewelry, and obviously, I like to blog.

My reading is not anywhere nearly as often as it has been during some stages of my life. I truly love a good book, I just get to trapped in the internet to pick it up. I enjoy a good romance book, but not anything higher than a PG-13 in book form. I used to love mystery novels, but I haven't read a good mystery novel in a very long time (have any suggestions?). But lately most of my books that I am reading are Christian fiction. Either Christian Romance, or Christian Mystery. A good author can write a novel, with christian undertones, or blantly christian, and you not feel like its a bad story or that religion is being shoved down your throat. See Ted Dekker, and Francince Rivers for example.

A couple years ago my aunt brought me to a music festival called "Wheatland" and they had little workshops there where they taught you how to make/do things. I went to the one that taught about hemp jewelry and fell in love. For the next year I made tons of necklaces or bracelets for my family and friends. But then I just kinda, stopped...I recently bought the stuff to get back into it, and I did make one bracelet for Charlie, but I just haven't really committed yet.

I don't know what has gotten me so into blogging lately. But I am enjoying it. I don't have a very high volume of readers that follow (I hope that changes) but I still enjoy it. As long as blogging doesn't start to take away from my responsiblities as a mommy or a wife, then I am keeping on.

I am always interested in trying new things and expanding my horizons, do you have any hobbies that may be interesting?

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Stephanie said...

I need to read more and get off the internet also. Stupid things that can keep your attention for way to long