Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 9 -- Mood = Song

When I miss my mom, and feeling sad this song always helps me. Who am I to question the creator of the universe? I shall always praise Him in the storm.

When I am feeling happy or want to be. I promise that singing this song to my little Ethan always makes both of us smile. No way to be sad or grumpy then.

Going on a road trip.


Lovey Dovey song

Reminds me of High School


How about you? What song sparks certain emotions or sets a mood? Trip down memory lane? I'd love to hear.
Well this has been fun, and maybe one day I will add to this, but for now, its time to finish the movie I am watching with my man. Peace Out.

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Schez said...

This post made me smile... Music is so important when it comes to reflecting mood and emotion... Pretty Fly For A White Guy reminds me of school too.. It also reminds me of the time when my brother passed his driving test and he took me out for a spin around the block - it was a hot day, windows down and this was blasting... ah, memories... :-)