Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 15 -- Favorite Super Hero

To start this out, I am not a superhero kind of girl. Up until the last few months I had never seen Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, or Captain America. Due to the release of "The Avengers" my husband was shocked I had never seen them, and asked me to watch them with him. I will admit, they were not bad, just not a movie I would pick out myself. So when I started thinking about this blog and what superhero to choose, I was completely unsure. However, I wanted to give this blog a real answer and not just skate through it with no effort given. So I went and did a Internet searched and pulled up the Wikipedia page on "Superhero's" and I even went to a website called "Superhero Database" and read up on some superheroes (and superheroines). Needless to say, I was in nerd heaven, and was lost.

I read the bio's on a few superheros I knew of, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Hancock and some I never heard of, Ariel and Zatanna. I read the comments on each of them. People are arguing about who is stronger Superman or Hancock, Batman or Captain America. People get as passionate on their superheros as I do on Labor/C-section and Breastfeeding. It was fun to be brought into a different world for a few hours. A world that is so out of my realm, but I still can relate to.

That brings us to my answer. Who is my favorite super hero and why? After reading up on a few of them, I have decided to choose......Batman.

I chose Batman because according to the Superhero database, although Batman has no super power he is one of the best super heros on pure intelligence alone. Batman can beat his opponents by wit. And if that doesn't work, he can always fall back on the insane amount of Martial Arts he knows. According to his back story, Bruce Wayne became Batman after watching his mother and father be murdered. He swore that he would protect Gotham City. I can relate to this, I watched drugs kill my mother and father, and I also swore never to touch them. Batman always seems so calm and collective, and that deep voice is so intimidating.

Obviously my research on Superheros is no where near exhaustive enough to claim to be an expert, nor to say that had I learned about others I may had a different answer, but as of now, learning what I have learned about Batman, I choose him.

Who is your favorite superhero? It was a fun topic, lets continue the discussion.

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