Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 17 -- Short term goals for this month

During the month of June I have two different 30 day challenges going on. One, is obviously, to blog everyday, and the other is to eat vegetarian, more specifically not to purchase meat with our grocery trip.

As we are trying to be more mindful with our money, we have made a few changes to try to save (use the AC as little as possible, hang laundry outside to dry, and not to purchase meat to name a few). The point of this goal was to save money on the grocery bill (which it did, it brought our $300 monthly bill down to $240), we have on the other hand seen other benefits. We don't eat out nearly as much, which obviously saves money also. Because of those two changes, I have noticed a drop of about 5 pounds.
Charlie is a "meat and potato" kind of guy, so we really weren't sure how we would like this experiment. Well I am pleased to say that after nearly 3 weeks of preparing meals with no meat, there has been only one meal that he hasn't liked. And we are intaking so much more vegetables and learning vegetables that we didn't even know we liked.
Another goal I have is to make it to the pool a few times a week with Ethan. The point with this is to help Ethan become acclamated with the Texas weather, learn to love the water, and get a small workout in (not to mention getting me out in the Texas weather a little this summer). Our only issue with this is that having Ethan around the chlorine so often isn't very good for him, however the lakes are gross and all of them cost money, so we are in a catch-22.

Finally, one last short term goal I have is to not waste money. Charlie and I both have a bad habit of wasting money, whether it is on eating out, or wasteful spending on things not needed. In the last month, we have gotten very good about not wasting as much and being better at watching our spending. The goal is to continue on the better habits that we have begun.

Are there any short term goals that you are planning throughout the summer?

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