Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 3 -- Today and Ten years ago

This picture was Christmas Dance my Senior year, which was December 2002. Little known facts about this pictures. Stephanie (my sister) and I were not on good terms here, we actually didn't like eachother very much, but mom made Stephanie promise we would get one together (I no longer lived with mom). If you look closely to my smile, its totally forced and fake. But we love eachother now.

 Not today, but last week. Life has changed so much since that first picture. Married to the most wonderful man ever, with the best Ethan ever. I was so naive. I love life so much better now. Thank God that He knew what He was doing


REnee BUsh said...

:) can you beloved it's been 10 years since high school? I really enjoy reading your blog!

REnee BUsh said...


Kari Hache said...

I know, next year is my ten year reunion....we are old!